State Officer Team

Katherine Ammann, Presidentimg_0556School: Conrad Schools of Science

Career Area: Physical Therapy

Grade: 12

Activities: 2015 HOSA State Conference, where I competed in Health Career Display, Participation in 2015 Fall Leadership Conference, 2016 HOSA State Conference, where I competed in PSA, 2016 International Leadership Conference, where my team and I made it to the second round of competition, Freshman and Sophomore Class Vice President, Blue and Gold Club, Delaware Youth Leadership Scholar, Varsity Field Hockey for school and for a club

What HOSA means to me: HOSA gave me an awakening to how powerful health careers are. It’s more than satisfying a patient, it’s becoming their cheerleader, their friend, and their role model. Same can be said about being a member of HOSA. HOSA is more than just competitions about health careers. HOSA is building confidence in yourself, developing team-building skills, and becoming a leader. While doing all of that also opening students, like me, up to opportunities that might give them more insight into what they may want their future occupation to be. I’ve always been told that I can make a difference, but never knew how. With HOSA I am given a head-start to making a difference. HOSA has given me the opportunity to improve my community and my school. HOSA has inspired me to set goals for myself, whether they be short-term, such as what else can I do to improve my school, or long-term such as becoming a nurse-practitioner. Being a part of HOSA I have been able to network outside of my school community. I will be able to meet with a state representative, I have met a role model to guide me in the right direction to reach my goal of my future occupation, and work with some amazing friends that I look forward to working with!

Favorite Quote: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” -Les Brown

Sinit Abrahim, Vice Presidentimg_0557School: William Penn High School

Career Area: Healthcare Technician

Grade: 12

Activities: National Honors Society, Student Council, Swim, Lacrosse Manager, Upward Bound Math Science, Governor's School for Excellence, Young People's Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ).

What HOSA means to me: As a freshman at William Penn, I was beyond excited to begin a medical science class. My teacher first told me about HOSA and I decided to just give it a try. I had no idea what HOSA was or what you do when you’re apart of it. I am glad I made the decision to join. Joining HOSA allowed me to learn more in depth about different fields of healthcare and zero in on exactly what I want to do. This being my second year as a Delaware HOSA state officer and my fourth year as a HOSA member I have had experiences that I would have not been able to have without HOSA. I have met people from all over the country and seen things that I am lucky to have seen. HOSA is not just another group of people in a CTSO, we are a family.

Career Interests: Pediatric Oncology

Favorite quote: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill
Kaitlyn McKinney, Vice President
School: Seaford High School

Career Area: Medical Laboratory Science

Grade: 12th

Activities: HOSA President for my chapter, Key Club Recording Secretary, Math League, Talent Search, All State Chorus (four years in a row, placing in top 10), Principal Advisory committee, Student Government Secretary as a whole and Vice President for my class, Wellness Center committee, plays and musicals, Youth and Government Conference/club, Kickball (intramural sport), and the STEM program

What HOSA means to me: In my high school, I was one of the few people to start our HOSA chapter in my freshman year. From being in this organization throughout all four years of my high school career, along with becoming a part of the state leadership team, it has opened my mind to all the possibilities. HOSA to me, is more than just an organization, it is a family. It is a group where you have the opportunity to meet, and interact with an array of different people who all share the same interest as you do. HOSA is where people strive, grow together as a team, and will one day have the knowledge, and the skills needed to be a future health professionals. This program has given me the chance to explore different areas of the country, meet new friends, have the necessary skills to lead, and to grow as a person, so that way I’m one step closer to accomplishing my dreams! I will forever be thankful to HOSA for all it’s done for me, and I’m glad I’ve had the chance to be a part of this experience-this family!

Favorite Quote: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!”- Dolly Parton
Yasmine Awayes, Vice President
School: Polytech High School

Career Area: Dental Assisting

Grade: 11

Activities: Student Council, National Honors Society, 2017 HOSA State Conference, 2016 Fall Leadership Conference, HOBY Leadership Seminar

What HOSA means to me: HOSA is an amazing organization that offers many opportunities and open doors to students who desire to be in the healthcare field! HOSA has introduced and allowed me to interact with all kinds of bright, kind-hearted, and well-rounded students from all over Delaware. Being able to meet all these students carrying the same passion and desire to learn in the medical field is astonishing. The people you meet and the places you see definitely made my HOSA experience really engaging and unique! Competing in Rare Disease has taught me tons of interesting and new information, as well as given me a chance to research, educate, and spread awareness about important topics to the community. HOSA is more than just competitive events, it engages you in problem-solving, confidence building, and strengthens teamwork skills that are essential to building character or skill set. I believe HOSA is an enormous aid for any high school student aspiring to become a healthcare professional. HOSA has only motivated and inspired me further into the very bright and expanding future of healthcare!

Favorite Quote: “Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.” –Deepak Chopra
Silpa Annavarapu, Vice President img_0555School: Newark Charter High School

Grade: 12

Career Area: Biotechnology

Activities: National Honor Society (Vice President), Student Council, Multicultural Club (President), Youth in Government (Youth Delegate Leader/Youth Subcommittee Rep), Anti-Bullying Club (Class rep), Sai Center of Delaware, Perry Initiative Program, Newark Charter School HOSA, Dance Jhankaar, Soccer

What HOSA means to me: Last year was the first year that HOSA was ever introduced to my school, and since then my passion for pursuing a career in the medical field has only become stronger. While my participation in other clubs has been an enriching experience, HOSA was the first club to connect directly with my interests. More than just a club, I saw HOSA as a close-knit community where driven students had the opportunity to study and collaborate for competitive events they were truly dedicated to. I fell in love with the principles of HOSA- the belief that we have the potential to one day change the medical world. HOSA has given me the opportunity to be directly involved in a field that I love. In just my first year as a member of HOSA, I knew that this club would be more than an extracurricular. Apart from being a member in my school chapter, I was eager to be a part of the core of our state chapter. HOSA has given me a second family- a group of students just as passionate as me about the medical field. I am very excited to serve as Vice President on the state officer team, and I cannot wait to make this year’s conference more memorable than the last!

In the future, my ultimate goal is to become a doctor. I have always been drawn to the high energy and challenging aspect of the career. In college, I plan on majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Spanish. I also plan on being a part of a medical outreach trip to South America!

Favorite quote: Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that. - Ellen Degeneres

State Management Team

Peg Enslen,
State Advisor
Delaware HOSA had a great year! The HOSA State Leadership Conference, which was held at the University of Delaware STAR Campus, was fantastic! We are looking forward to an ongoing partnership with STAR Campus as well as continuing to offer great speakers and judges.

We had new schools join us this year that added to the excitement! We welcomed Appoquinimink High School, Middletown High School, Newark Charter School, Smyrna High School, Milford High School, and McCullough Middle School! Delaware HOSA now has more than 1100 members! We have past members who are now working towards medical school, nursing school, dental school, and many others working hard to become healthcare professionals.
It is my sincere desire that Delaware HOSA will have long-lasting benefits for students, advisors, and Career and Technical Education in the State of Delaware. Please join me in making Delaware HOSA even greater for this upcoming year!

Favorite Quote: "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." William A. Foster