2020 International Leadership Conference 
Award Recipients

June 24-27, 2020 HOSA members from around the world participated in the first ever Virtual International Leadership Conference!  The 2020 ILC provided competitive events focused on leadership, professional, and technical skills. Members were able to attend exciting general sessions, visit exhibits presented by health organizations and associations, attend educational seminars and workshops presented by professional partners, and the opportunity to meet people from across the globe with similar career goals!  To view the full list of award recipients visit HOSA.org.   


We are saddened by recent events and would like to acknowledge the emotions of many across the nation, including many HOSA members, may be feeling. As part of our mission and goals, we are dedicated to creating leaders in the global health community who are understanding of health care issues and the needs of the community. To achieve this, we must acknowledge the systematic racism that has existed in our country.
We recognize it is our responsibility to educate future health professionals by including conversations about healthcare disparities and sociological issues. We cannot shy away from the conversation of racial disparities and how they are affecting the health community and the community as a whole. HOSA is more than an organization; it is a support system for members of diverse backgrounds and a place they look to for guidance and direction. In shying away from these conversations, we become part of the problem.
HOSA does not and will not stand for racism. Black lives matter and this includes within the healthcare community. We are doing our part to actively learn about the struggles of the Black community and encourage learning and reflection from our membership. As a first step, HOSA has endorsed a statement released by America’s Promise regarding the impact of racial trauma. However, we know we can do more and we will continue to seek ways for us to play a more active role in including dialogue on issues of social justice in our future programming. It is vital to the growth of our HOSA family to stand in unity against racism and injustice. This is not a matter that we take lightly.
-2019-2020 HOSA Executive Council


2020 Rare Disease Day Winners: 

2020 State Leadership Conference
Virtual Award Ceremony

2020 State Leadership Conference Award Recipients

Top 5 2020 State Leadership Conference

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